Car dream catcher: Why you need it

If there's one particular place you don't need bad energy, it's in your car and so, if you're not too feng-shui, a car dream catcher could be the answer! Not only will it remove any bad vibes that are already there, but it would also be perfect for starting heated conversations with your future passengers.

When placing a dream catcher in your car, place it where it can hang loosely and where it can receive sunlight without any problems. The best location would be an unobstructed rear view mirror; in fact, this is the most logical location. And don't forget that a dreamcatcher is supposed to protect your car from negativity and not make it more dangerous for you.

In short, not only will the dream catcher adorn your car, but it will also keep you in a good mood as it will catch any bad energy that is circulating in the car. Here is a selection of car dreamcatchers for cars.