Dream catcher and feng shui



One of the energy enhancing instruments or objects is the dream catcher, an Indian instrument with a strong historical component used to enable people to sleep peacefully. This amulet from the Ojibwe indigenous culture is known by many names: dream filter, spell caster, dream catcher or dream catcher. A ring formed from a weeping willow branch is formed, to which several strands are attached and hung, forming a sort of spider's web, deliberately irregular in shape, containing some feathers and/or other small objects with special personal significance.



The main purpose of this instrument is to attract good dreams and avoid nightmares. For this reason, it is mainly placed in the bedroom. The most appropriate use of the dream filter is in front of a window, where the light can strike in the morning, while the dreams pass through the hole and the nightmares are trapped in the web and disappear in the light of dawn.

Another very common option is to hang the dream catcher from the bed, just above the person's body. This will protect your sleep and make your dreams beautiful. We can always use a dream catcher in different environments and in different ways: in the world of fashion, decoration, tattoos, necklaces, clothes, engravings, earrings, amulets and others, all in search of more protection.

Tradition says that coloured cloths should be hung from the cradle of babies and the walk of children. Good dreams, knowing exactly where to go, manage to pass through the central hole of the web, while bad dreams get lost and trapped in the threads. An old Native American legend tells that an old Indian, while searching for the view on the top of a mountain, found IKTOMI, the spider, and communicated in sacred language. The Spider picked up a ladle and began to weave a web of horsehair and the offerings received. While weaving, the spider spirit spoke of the cycles of life, from birth to death, and the good and evil forces that act upon us at each of these phases. She said: "If you work with good forces, you will be guided in the right direction and come into harmony with nature, if not...

In the end, the spider sent the old man away with a web in the centre saying, "In the centre is the web which represents the cycle of life. Use it to help your people achieve their goals by making good use of their ideas, dreams and vision. They come from a place called the Spirit of the World which processes the night air with good and bad dreams. "The most common is to use the dream catcher in the rooms of sleeping infants and children or those who have nightmares.