Dream catcher: how to use it?


According to tradition, each dream catcher must be personalised to filter out all the negativity and promote its protective power. If it is not activated, it will have no effect and will be a mere decorative object.

It is also important to keep it in good condition and to periodically perform an "energetic cleaning" to avoid it becoming a magnet for harmful vibrations.



The person who wants to wear this amulet has to cut one of the threads inside the mesh. In this way, the dream catcher is personalised and negative dreams are prevented from coming true. Each member of the family must follow this procedure to individualise their dream catcher.



The next step is to get up early in the morning and stand in front of the sun to receive the first rays of the sun. With your eyes closed, you should concentrate on positive thoughts and remember the happiest stages of life. Only with this procedure is the amulet activated.

This activation process should be done every 6 months. After that, it can be placed near the bed, hanging from the ceiling and in a place where you receive the first rays of the sun every day.



To clean the dream catcher, a ritual must be done with sage. According to tradition, after lighting the sage, it should burn for one minute and the fire will go out. The smoke purifies the amulet and should start in front, enveloping the dream catcher.

With the sage smoke, you must go around the room in a clockwise direction until the whole room is permeated.

This cleansing is repeated every time it is perceived that negative energies have heavily charged the dream catcher. If it is severely damaged or broken, it should be burnt and changed



The best place to hang the dream catcher is on the ceiling of the bedroom, near the head of the bed or the sofa. The movement of the amulet should not be blocked and it is important to charge it every day when it receives direct morning sunlight.