Film about Dream catcher

A 2,000 year old legend in North America says that when hung in a room, the dream catcher attracts dreams to flow through it. This amulet was hung on children's cradles to protect them from illness and evil spirits. Good dreams pass through the opening in the net to the sleeper, who can pursue them when he or she wakes up. Caught in a spider's web, the nightmares will remain prisoners all night until the first light of the sun destroys them. "dream catcher" shows us a child who, bored in his world in Paris, looks at "Indian books". Very quickly, he falls asleep and goes into a half-wakeful dream. His dreams lead us to encounter, through the magic object, the contemporary Amerindian universe of the North-East, among the Algonkins, the Attikamekws, the Innus... a kind of adventure, a dreamlike and poetic dive, bringing out some of the fundamental values of the Amerindians.

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