Great dream catcher: the selection of the best dream catchers

The Big Dream Catcher is the most popular dream catcher model. Its ability to embellish a room sets it apart from the usual wall decorations. In this article we will see together which are the most popular and recommended giant dream catchers. For each one, we will give all the details to make the best choice. If you wish, you can go directly to our collection of large dream catchers.


The Large Dream Catcher is the dream catcher format that most closely corresponds to the ancient models used by Native American families during the Pre-Columbian era. The term giant refers to models that exceed 100 cm in length.

According to Native American stories, large dreamcatchers are instruments for capturing bad dreams.

The very first large dream catcher, according to legend, was made by a giant spider charged with protecting the Native American tribes. It was said to have come to the aid of tribes suffering from terrible nightmares. This magical object then spread throughout North America.

The design of the dream catcher was based on precise criteria:

The circle was made of willow wood and represented the infinite cycle of life.
The weave represented the web of the legendary spider that taught the Native Americans the dream catcher according to Lakota and Objiwe legend.
The beads symbolised dreams. The bad ones remained imprisoned in the web and were destroyed by the sun's rays. The good ones slid down the feathers to penetrate the sleeper's mind.
The feathers were those of animals whose characteristics the person wished to appropriate. The Eagle was the symbol of courage, the owl of wisdom.
They were hung in tipis above the beds. The reason they were so important was that the Native Americans considered dreams to be omens, influencing the real world.

Not all of them were large at the time, children had models of 30 to 50 cm, only adults had models of more than one metre.

The Large Dreamcatcher crossed the continents and became one of the most popular handicrafts in the world in the 1960s.

Today, even if it has lost its mystical meaning, it is very much appreciated for its capacity to decorate a room. In addition, a study carried out in Switzerland on more than 900 people showed that its presence alone helped to improve sleep.


The most beautiful dream catchers are magnificent. When they are large, they can light up a room in an instant. They take up no space and require no skill or risk in their placement.

Choosing a Large Dreamcatcher allows you to create an atmosphere and decorate your bedroom, living room or terrace.

By choosing one of the models of giant dream catchers that we propose, you are sure to make the right choice and find a model that will be the witness of your most beautiful memories.



The choice of the colour is very important. It is the one that will give a room an atmosphere and will blend with the other tones in the room.

Red: A colour that gives a room a lively and invigorating look. A red dream catcher goes well with green, yellow, white and pink environments.

Blue: A cool colour, blue creates a sense of depth. It gives a soft impression. It goes well with brown, orange, yellow and green.

Brown: A warm colour, brown represents nature. Hanging a Large Dreamcatcher in this colour will give a welcoming feel to a room. It is recommended for living rooms such as the lounge. It goes very well with green and beige.

Orange: Being a bright colour, orange gives a touch of colour to rooms with neutral colours. It is ideal to combine a Large Orange Dreamcatcher with cooler colours and goes well with green and blue.

Purple: A mystical colour, it brings an intensity to a room. You can combine it with brown for a cosy atmosphere.

White: Symbol of purity, decorate your room or terrace with a Dreamcatcher Large. It creates a soothing atmosphere and can be combined with all colours.

Yellow: The brightest colour, yellow brings enthusiasm and gives an impression of space. Grey, black and white go very well with this colour.
Black: It has the ability to highlight other elements in the room. Like white, it can be combined with any colour.

Green: Giving a sense of security, a green dream catcher will bring freshness to a room. It goes well with brown.


The Indian model is the most popular, however, there are different types of Large Dreamcatchers. The choice depends on your preferences.

Native American: This is the original and most popular dream catcher. It is always made of a circle, feathers, beads and a weave. If you like the natural look, it will be perfect for you. It is also made up of several colours, one of which is usually dominant.

Scandinavian: The large dream catchers in this style are often macramé and beige. These elements are completely different from the Native American dream catcher.
The Unicolour model: The most modern style, it allows you to easily decorate a room.

The patterned model: Unicorn, owl, heart... dreamcatchers with giant patterns are the most popular with children and young couples.

The phosphorescent model: This is the Dreamcatcher that lights up thanks to its bulbs. It makes a perfect night-time decoration, especially at Christmas. It is also very much in demand by children, so that they are not in complete darkness at night. It also reassures children who know its magical story.


The material of the Large Dreamcatcher will define its duration. A quality model must be able to last at least 5 years.

It is advisable to choose a model made of organic material. That is to say whose composition comes from elements chosen from nature for its solidity.


The Ashak Giant White Dream Catcher:

110 cm long and 40 cm wide
Made of wicker
White colour

Made of white wicker, it is the easiest to integrate into a room for a beautiful visual effect. It creates a sense of peace and helps to give a sense of space.

The wicker used to make it comes from the branches of willow trees, just like the Dream Catcher of many centuries ago.

This Wall Catchers will give you a sense of peace in your room.

The Giant Headboard Dream Catcher:


Length: 118 cm
Made of wicker
Floral pattern
Main colour: White

This Dreamcatcher is a Nordic style and will suit all those who prefer the Nordic style.

Naskapi Purple Feather Dream Catcher

Dominant colour: Purple
Type: Native American
Composition: Organic material
This very large Dream Catcher is made of natural stones of Amethyst, Chrysoprase and Lepidolite.

It goes well with chic and sober decorations.

Cherokee Eagle Indian Dream Catcher:

High quality organic material
White and brown colours
Style: Native American

If you want to create an atmosphere reminiscent of nature, this dream catcher is perfect! The brown shades of this dream catcher work well with the green elements to create a zen-like atmosphere.

Multicoloured dream catcher "Sakari":

Colour: Multicoloured
Organic material
Type: Native American Dream Catcher

This large orange and blue dream catcher is one of our most popular models. The colours have been designed to blend together to create a high quality dream catcher.

Pink Rose Dream Catcher:

Children's dream catcher
Style: Unicolour
Colour: Pink

A very feminine unicolour dream catcher, this large pink dream catcher is the most appreciated by the female gender. It is an ideal gift for little girls.

Unicorn Dream Catcher:

Design: Unicorn
Length: 52 cm

The Unicorn Dreamcatcher Large size lights up in the night to illuminate a room even at night. This model is the most offered among children. It decorates the bed sets at Christmas.

Dream Catcher Home Objiwa:

Design: Heart
Colour: White

Lights up in the dark: LED light
This "Objiwa" Home Dreamcatcher offers a romantic atmosphere thanks to its white colour and its LED bulbs which allow it to shine in the dark of the night.

Giant Dream Catcher:

Size: 78 * 20 cm
Colour: Multicoloured
Composition: Wicker

Emblematic model of the Amerindian culture, this Dream Catcher is the most colourful of our collection and will not leave anyone indifferent.

Dream Catcher with Tree of Life:

Colour: Turquoise
Design: Tree of Life

This Tree of Life Dream Catcher symbolises the link between the earth and the universe, the terrestrial and the celestial. It is soothing thanks to its turquoise colour.

Feather Dream Catcher:

Organic material
Dominant colour: Red
Patterns: Heart

Two hearts and a red colour reveal the passion between two people. It is the most popular on Valentine's Day.