How to make a dream catcher easily?


Originally from North America, the dream catcher, usually decorated with beads and feathers, is an Indian cult object to which magical powers are attributed. For example, some tribes still assume that in its web evil spirits and dreams accumulate and therefore sleep is improved when you hang the object in its resting place. Other interpretations say that only good dreams are captured and sent to the sleeper.


Whether you believe in this beneficial effect or not, a dream catcher is in any case a perfect decorative object to hang in your home. Typically, this object consists of a wooden, willow or rattan tyre, in which a network of strings is incorporated. The dream catchers are then decorated with feathers, beads, shells or stones.

You don't necessarily have to buy this decorative piece of jewellery for your home, it can also be easily made at home. To make a dream catcher yourself, you need the following items:

A ring of wood or wire (about 7.8intch in diameter)
Cords for the net (e.g. solid wire, cords, ribbons)
A ball of wool (also possible as a net)
Satin or fabric ribbons
Feathers and wooden beads


Wrap your ring completely with the wool until none of the original material is visible. Finally, tie the ends together. For the net, it is best to use a strong thread: first, tie one end to the woollen tyre. Then wrap the thread around the ring again for about ten centimetres. Repeat this process until you have rounded the tyre once.

Now work on the inside with the thread: don't wind the ring any more, but wind the thread itself, winding it gradually around the centre of the thread paths drawn in the previous step.

If you wish, you can already put beads in between - especially at the end, if you get to the middle of the stepwise knotted net. When you reach the centre, you can also cut the thread and carefully tie the end to the braid.

The skeleton of your dream catcher is now complete and you can decorate it as you wish. Take, for example, straps of about 6intch in length that attach to the ring. Then thread the beads first, which you also attach. You can then add feathers by inserting their pins into the holes in the heels.