How to spiritually purify a Dream catcher?

You don't know if your dream catcher needs to be spiritually cleansed? Do you want to energetically recharge your dream catcher? But you don't know how to cleanse it?

We are passionate about this subject and know exactly how to help you.

There are different possible methods of cleansing. The most effective way to cleanse a dream catcher is through fumigation. To spiritually cleanse a dream catcher requires following a ritual that involves invoking the power of intention.

In this article you will discover:

The energetic functioning of a dream catcher
The importance of purifying it at the right time
The different means at your disposal and the necessary materials
How to set up the purification ritual
The good practices of purification will no longer be a mystery to you. You will know exactly what to do to take care of your dream sensor!

Let's find out together now.

How does a Dream Catcher work?

"I believe in an afterlife, simply because energy cannot die; it circulates, transforms and never stops."
Albert Einstein

Dream catchers are a Native American tradition. Legend has it that the night air is filled with good dreams but also with nightmares (or bad dreams).
Dream catchers are spiritual objects used to filter bad dreams, as well as negative energy. They literally "catch" dreams before they enter the sleeper's mind.

Good dreams find their way through the maze of the woven web and are able to glide gently along the feathers into the dreamers mind.
Bad dreams become entangled in the web and are trapped there until the first rays of morning light destroy them.

You can find more details about the dream catcher in our article on its origin and meaning.

Sometimes the dream catcher is not placed near a window or the sunlight cannot reach it directly. It then becomes charged with negative dreams and negative energy that accumulates.
It is believed that a dream catcher can become "clogged" over time and no longer be able to effectively protect the sleeper if it is not emptied properly each morning. See our article on where and how to hang a dream catcher.

Like crystals and other energy absorbing tools, dream catchers need routine recharging to remain effective.

Although low-maintenance, you can't just hang up your Dream Catcher and forget about it!


When to purify a dream catcher?

Before using your dream catcher for the first time, it is strongly advised to purify it. Otherwise, it could inherit negative waves picked up during its manufacture and transport and not seem to work effectively. Whether it is new or used, purification acts as a ritual of appropriation of the dream catcher and connects it to your sensitivity, your Energy.

In addition, if you have had your dream catcher for a long time but you start having nightmares again or you feel like a weight is getting heavier, then a process of "cleansing" your dream catcher may be necessary.

There is one important thing to understand. Everything is Energy, everything lives, everything communicates.

It is difficult to grasp this notion of "all is energy" because for many people only what is visible is real. In other words, only the physical world "exists".

However, there is a subtle or invisible world and the Amerindians were already aware of it. Energy may seem an abstract notion to some, but many scientists have given us scientific proof of it (such as Newton, Tesla, Einstein... to name but a few).


Why cleanse?

Uneven emotions? A feeling of being "in the middle of nowhere"? These are all signs that negative energies have accumulated around you without you being aware of it. This can lead you to feel unwell, and you may find it difficult to identify the source of this unwellness. These signals are good indicators: it is time to purify your dream catcher!

Dream traps were originally designed to protect children from the evil spirits of nightmares. They ensured a smooth sleep and also prevented negative and impure thoughts.

Dreams were important to the Native Americans as they were considered to be true sources of wisdom and knowledge. They referred to their dreams in order to be more enlightened when making important decisions.

We understand better the importance of regularly maintaining one's dream catcher.


How to purify a Dreamcatcher? The different methods

Attention young Shaman! Mystical and shamanic experience in sight...

The type of purification that a dream catcher needs is spiritual! There are several ways to "empty" and "cleanse" it.

Each culture has different rules for the way the ceremony is performed. However, most of them ask the participants to remove any metallic object they might be wearing (jewellery, belt, ...). This could be seen as a way to prepare yourself spiritually or it could symbolise the detachment from your material possessions.


1- Quartz crystal
Use of quartz crystal points, preferably stones with fairly large points (method relieving the dream catcher but not optimal)

2- Wind
Take the dream catcher outside for about 24 hours and let the wind from the east blow through it to literally "blow away" the negative energy trapped in it.

3- Light
Exposing your dream catcher to direct sunlight (usually for a good hour or two) will destroy a maximum of bad dreams but will not empty it of bad energy.

4- Fumigation
Perform a purification ritual by fumigation in order to make the negative waves literally go up in smoke, this is the most effective method! Remember to air the place well afterwards.


What is the best way to cleanse your dream catcher?

The traditional method of cleansing dreamcatchers is through the smudging ritual where plants, herbs and plant resins are burnt for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Fumigation has been used since ancient times for healing, to purify a space, to drive out evil spirits, to increase the energy and vibration of a place and to eliminate the excess accumulation of emotional or spiritual negativity. It is no coincidence that this method of purification is found in many cultures and religions.


You can use, according to your preferences:

Palo Santo ("sacred wood" in Spanish, literally "holy stick"). It exists in different forms (sticks or natural raw logs, wood chips or powder, incense sticks or cones...)
Dried white sage tied up in small bundles (bundles or sticks).



The Palo Santo

The Palo Santo (Bulnesia sarmientoi) is a tree that has been used in sacred rites for thousands of years by the indigenous populations of South America. When burned, the smoke from the tree has a unique, sweet, woody aroma. It is said to have rare and magical, mystical and sacred properties. Its fragrant wood is used in purification rites by shamans and healers. It is a tree essence considered to be highly spiritual. Palo Santo incense is used in shamanism to cleanse places and people of bad energy.

Palo Santo purification ritual:

Light your wood incense, let it burn for a few seconds before blowing on the flame. Let the burning continue without a flame, then blow the smoke by hand (or with a feather) towards the dream catcher you wish to purify.
palo santo purification ritual

White sage


White sage (Salvia alpania) is a perennial plant with medicinal properties from North America. It is a sacred plant for the Amerindian peoples. During religious ceremonies, births and deaths, its leaves, most often gathered in bundles and burned like incense, are traditionally used in a ritual way to purify places and people during shamanic ceremonies.

Sage purification ritual:

Open a window. Light your bundle of dried sage. In order for the sage to clear your dream catcher of any negative energy that has accumulated in it, you need to clearly define your intention before you start. It is advisable to have a mantra or a prayer such as: "I want to clean and purify my dream catcher and get rid of all negative energy that is no longer for my good. Thank you". Repeat your mantra over and over again until the smoke wisps have covered the entire dream catcher through the feathers to the canvas. Ventilate the room well after the ritual as the sage produces a lot of white smoke.


Materials needed for fumigation

The materials used in the fumigation purification process:

An Abalone Shell. A beautiful, heat-resistant shell, about 12-16 cm in length, in which incense is burned. For some Native American nations this shell symbolises the great Goddess of the Pacific Ocean. It is the most common vessel used by most Native American tribes for fumigation purification rituals. It represents the element WATER.
Incense, Sage and/or Palo Santo. The incense, herbs or wood burned in the shell represent the EARTH element.
A large feather. To ventilate the smoke dissipated by the incense and activate its combustion. It represents the AIR element.
Matches or Candle. Used to ignite the incense, they correspond to the FIRE element.
It can be seen that in the alchemical transformation process of fumigation, all four elements are represented.



In Native American shamanic heritage and spiritual teachings, it is said that the smoke from sacred herbs (such as white sage) carries our prayer into the spirit world.

In addition to being a welcome offering to the spirits, the smoke from sacred herbs carries our prayer to the ears of the Great Spirit, the Great Creator. As fumigation is a spiritual activity, the ashes that remain in the shell are considered sacred. They should be disposed of in a respectful manner in a natural place. In some nations the ashes are accumulated throughout the year and returned to the earth in a special ceremony.

Who can perform the cleansing ritual?


You don't need to call a shaman or get a certificate! You are the best person to purify your inner self and thus your dream catcher. However, there is an essential rule to respect: it is important to centre yourself, to put the intention when you carry out your purification ritual.

Just like housework you can do at home, you need a minimum of preparation: you wouldn't think of mopping a floor that hasn't been cleaned, vacuumed and dusted beforehand!

For the cleansing ritual it is necessary to set the intention to cleanse your sensor firmly within you. That is, with the intention that it protects your dreams.

You are a consciousness and intention is your primary force. The power of intention allows you to create a dynamic of evolution.
It is through intention that you can transform, affect, heal and even change your life.

It is essential to understand that we do not get in life what we want but the resonance of what we emit!

Purify your Dreamcatcher like a Shaman!

You may have realised that purifying your dream catcher effectively requires a specific ritual. It is a process that requires rigour and personal investment.

With all this information, you are now an expert in performing the purification rituals. You are now ready to start a new cycle. Purifying a dream catcher has no more secrets for you. Renewing its power of absorption will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of your catcher.

In order to put it into practice, we suggest that you equip yourself with our Shamanic Ritual collection, which includes all the necessary material for purification rites.