Or hang a dream catcher ?

Where to hang a dream catcher?

Before answering this question, we must first explain the origins of the dream catcher and recall its use. Because the appearance of the dream catcher is not recent and its role is not limited to a simple object of decoration without interest, but well beyond.

Dream catcher; a little history
The dream catcher is also called "dream catcher". A name that would make you think of the title of a film, but which designates this object with divine properties, intended to let beautiful dreams and positive energies pass through and to release the bad ones.

The origins of the dream catcher go back to Native American culture. But each tribe has its own version of the history of this object of great mystery. That of the Huron culture (found in southern Ontario, Canada), remains the most common and most likely. Indeed, this tribe claims that the world is governed by a great spirit that comes to infuse beings with different perceptions during their sleep. The dream catcher is therefore used to filter them to keep only the rational thoughts.

The dream catcher or dream catcher promises the most peaceful sleep, soft and silky nights, leaving nightmares and negative thoughts far behind.

The principle of the spider's web expresses the trapping of all buried images of oneself and others, to be burnt at first light.

Some people go even further in this fervour for the dream catcher, considering it to be a good luck charm, or even a therapeutic object that would contribute to

the development of one's personality and self-realisation. Native Americans also use the dream catcher as a way to connect with their culture.

Another quality that could be attributed to the dream catcher, and not the least, is its decorative aspect. Indeed, even before its mystical powers were suspected, the dream catcher was already popular for its bohemian style. In recent years, handmade dreamcatchers have become a trend, and tutorials on how to make them are exploding.

However, it is important to know that each part of a dream catcher has a meaning and its manufacture must meet certain requirements or its action will lose its essence.

Focus on the design of a dream catcher
The basis of a dream catcher is its circle. In other words, the circle of life where the weaving work is done, like the spider weaves its web. The dream catcher tends to take a round shape because according to Native American beliefs, all the actions of the earth are done in this way; the shape of the earth, the shape of the sun, but also many of the arrangements of this culture that were expressed in a circular movement such as meetings, the shape of teepees and even traditional dances. In the middle of this circle, some people hang an object that is precious to them.

The dream catcher is also made up of feathers, which the Native Americans consider to be symbols of healing. These feathers play an important role in the purification process because it is the feathers themselves that, once removed, will serve to purify the body.

These feathers play an important role in the process of purification because it is them which, once the good vibrations passed by the hole, will be captured and sent to the souls.

We also observe in the constitution of a dream catcher, beads in wood, stone or crystal which evoke serenity and appeasement, but also ribbons and other ornaments, moreover do not hesitate to visit our shop of dream catcher.

Dream catcher: choosing the right place
The good functioning of the dream catcher depends essentially on the place where this object with magical properties is placed. Indeed, this notion is to be taken with much attention and for that, it is enough to ask the good questions; in which room of the house? Where exactly? For whom? In what position in relation to the sun?

In which room of the house should you hang your dream catcher?

In the days of the Native American tribes, the answer to this question was obvious, because these tribes only lived in a tent, or in other words, a teepee. But nowadays, living spaces have been revolutionised and this question is of great importance.

The close relationship between the dream catcher and sleep means that its favourite place is obviously the bedroom. But where exactly?

Where should the dream catcher be hung in the bedroom?

Remember that the dream catcher is intended to chase away bad dreams and harmful waves by burning them away with the power of the sun. This is why it is ideal to place the dream catcher in the bedroom, near the window, in the east, where the sun rises.

For whom can you hang a dream catcher?

The dream catcher can be placed above the bed, but if it is intended to keep bad dreams away from children and protect them while they sleep, it should be hung above their bed or cot, after carefully checking that it is hung properly.

It should also be noted that if the dream catcher is used as a commonplace decorative object, the question of its location is not important.

Another question some people ask is whether they should have one or more dreamcatchers in their home.

The answer is yes. Of course, you can afford to have other dream catchers in addition to the one hanging in the room. On the contrary, the more you have, the better.

The more you have, the better, as long as you choose the right places to put them. A piece of advice, avoid changing the location of your dream catcher too often and for this reason it is necessary to give it time to integrate well in your environment in order to benefit from its numerous benefits and its qualities by letting you fall into the arms of Morpheus.

Dream catcher in the garden
Many people may not think of it right away, but the garden or balcony is of course also a very nice place to hang your dream catcher!

It gives a very pleasant and original decorative effect. It is best to hang a larger dream catcher outside and preferably in slightly brighter colours.

This prevents it from "climbing" between the plants, so if you want a nice effect, try hanging a Glow in the Dark dream catcher in the garden. I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised 😉

Already have a beautiful place in mind for your dream catcher? Find one immediately 😉