Dream catcher

The dream catchers we offer are the most recognizable Native American symbol in Western culture.



Are you looking for a decorative and spiritual object to accompany your nights? The dream catcher is just what you need! Small or large, made of wood or crochet and in various shapes, your ideal little night companion is at hand.

Both aesthetic and symbolic, the dream catcher will blend perfectly into your home, creating a peaceful and feng shui atmosphere.

What is a dream catcher?

A dream catcher is a small object that consists of a hoop with threads braided through the centre to form a web, similar to a spider's web. The additional decoration varies from one dream catcher to another. Most of the time there are small feathers that are connected to the central circle, reminding us of the Native American culture from which the object originates.

The symbolism of the dream catcher is very particular. In the North American native culture, the dream catchers are hung in the bedroom, facing the window, so that the sun's rays burn away the bad dreams trapped in the net. This way, only the beautiful images of the past night remain when you wake up.

Dream catchers for every taste!

Dream catchers are used for spiritual purposes but also for aesthetic purposes. You will find dreamcatchers of different sizes, colours, shapes, materials and ornaments.

If you are looking for small, discreet dreamcatchers, you can choose the Dreamcatcher diameter 4inch in white or blue, or the Mini Dreamcatcher diameter 2,5intch. If on the contrary you dream of a beautiful and large dream catcher to complete your decoration while creating a peaceful atmosphere, the 23intch Crochet Dream Catcher will be perfect!

If you are more of a natural person, the triangular dream catcher made of willow wood measuring 34x13intch is ideal. It is original with its triangular frame, but also made of willow wood, as was the custom. The crochet classics are very stylish, like the 13x5intch crochet dream catcher. If you want to opt for an unusual dreamcatcher while working on your chakras, the Dreamcatcher 7 chakras is the one for you. Handcrafted and adorned with natural baroque stones and a hint of rock crystal, this unusual dreamcatcher will make your decoration unique.

You still haven't made your choice? Then don't hesitate any longer and come and discover our collection of original dreamcatchers!

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