Giant dream catcher

The Giant Dreamcatcher is now a common object in many homes, as a simple ornament or as an element linked to the individual spiritual sphere.

But what do we really know about this object of North American origin?

The so-called Dreamcatcher is, according to legend, an instrument for warding off unwanted dreams, or for chasing away negative influences generated by ill-intentioned people or restless immaterial entities. Its meaning, however, has undergone changes throughout human history, especially since its emergence from the Amerindian animistic context


The Giant Dreamcatcher is an object linked to traditional North American cultures: it is generally found in the Cheyenne and Lakota tribes, but its true origin seems to be linked to the Ojibwe people and the figure of the "spider woman".

French ethnographer Frances Densmore recorded an Ojibwe legend in 1929 that told the myth of the creation of the first dream catchers: they were symbolic spider webs created by Asibikaashi, or the Spider Woman, a deity of primary importance to many North American cultures and entities who watches over children and protects the Objiwe.

With the spread of the Ojibwe throughout North America, the legend goes, Asibikaashi began to have difficulty reaching all the children under her care; to simplify the task, Ojibwe mothers and grandmothers began making dreamcatchers using willow branches, plant fibers, and sinew to ensure that the positive influence of the spider woman could reach all corners of the continent.

In Objiwe culture, the Giant Dreamcatcher is called asabikeshiinh, meaning "spider", or asubakacin ("like a net"), and its main purpose is to act as a protective talisman for children. As Densmore explains:

"Every newborn baby had a Dream Catcher. An example of these are the "spider webs" hanging from the cribs. In the past, these nets were made of nettle fibers. Two spider webs were usually woven into the ring [of the dream catcher] and were meant to capture any evil influence in the air just as a spider web captures and holds anything that comes in contact with it. "


The figure of the spider-woman is a common element in many North American cultures and is presented under different names: Kokyangwuti or Gogyeng Sowuhti for the Hopi, Na'ashjé'ii Asdzáá for the Navajo, for the Pueblo, she is called Tse-che- nako or Sussistanako . It is an entity of primary importance, as evidenced by the creation myth of the Hopi culture.

The story of the creation of the world begins with the solar deity Tawa and the spider woman (Kokyangwuti), identifiable as the deities of the Earth. The two divine entities separate to give birth to minor deities and create everything that exists on the planet.

After some time, Tawa and Kokyangwuti realized that the creatures they were generating were not endowed with real life, so they decided to give them a soul before proceeding to create the primordial human beings. Once this was done, the spider woman separated the human beings into different tribes, guiding them through the four great caves of the Hopi tradition, explaining the natural roles of men and women and illustrating the sacred rituals to be followed.


In another Hopi version of creation, the spider woman, called Gogyeng Sowuhti, is Tawa's assistant sent among the living creatures to spread the word of the god. Tawa was not happy that his creations did not understand how to live properly; he then sent the spider woman to teach humans the sacred rites, weaving and pottery .

After a while, the men began to drift away from Tawa. The spider woman was sent back among the humans to warn the few who remained on the right path that it was time to move away from the others to the "upper world" where they would lead an enlightened existence in the company of divine entities.


The typical Giant Dreamcatcher has a circle of willow branches, known for their flexibility, and a canvas of plant fibers or curtains. The frame is usually circular or teardrop shaped, and has a diameter of between 7 and 12 centimeters; if the frame is too large, the power of the dream catcher may be affected (according to the legend).

In the center of the Giant Dreamcatcher, there is usually a small opening, which would allow dreams of a positive nature to pass through; the dreams are then "filtered" through bird feathers that hang from the object until they reach the dreaming mind.

In the making of a Giant Dreamcatcher, the number of points of connection between the spider web and the willow loom was relevant . In the Objiwés tradition, the points of contact were to be eight like the legs of a spider, while in other traditions they were seven like the number of "great prophecies". In some cultures, the contact points could vary from 5 (the number of sky shapes) to 28 (the length in days of the lunar month).

Beginning in the 1960s, the Giant Dreamcatcher took on a broader meaning than its original meaning, becoming a symbol of unity among Native American cultures.


Choosing a Giant Dreamcatcher is to ensure that you achieve a unique interior decoration with a single element. A Giant Wall Dreamcatcher allows to give an atmosphere to a living room.

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Choosing the color is crucial, it is this aspect of the dream catcher that will dress up the living room and give it a particular tone.

Red: A color that energizes a room with a very warm tone. A red Giant Dreamcatcher goes well with green, yellow, white and pink decorations.
Blue: This cool color offers a certain serenity. It brings a feeling of calm and well-being. You can combine it with brown, orange, yellow and green, the colors of nature to which it is most suited.
Brown: This warm color is the symbol of nature. Hanging a Giant Dreamcatcher in this color will add warmth to a room. It is mostly used in living rooms like the living room. Combined with green and beige, its natural look is enhanced.
Orange: Being a bright color, orange energizes rooms with neutral tones. It's ideal to pair a Giant Orange Dreamcatcher with cool colors like green and blue.
Purple: A mystical color, it intensifies a living space. In association with brown, it offers a cozy atmosphere.
White: Symbol of purity, decorate your room or terrace with a Giant White Dreamcatcher. It creates a soothing atmosphere and offers the advantage of blending perfectly with all color schemes.
Yellow: Symbolizing the sun and summer, yellow brings enthusiasm and gives a sense of space. Grey, black and white go very well with this color.
Black: It allows you to highlight other decorative elements. Like white, it can be combined with any color.
Green: Giving a sense of security, a giant green dream catcher will give freshness to a room. It goes well with brown. Their alliance being the symbol par excellence of nature.


The Indian model is the most popular, however, there are different types of Large Dream Catcher. Their choice depends on your preferences.

  • Native American: This is the most common dream catcher, a symbol of nature and often comes in many colors.

  • The Scandinavian model: The large size Dream Catcher of this style is often Macramé and beige. It belongs to the Nordic style and Scandinavian decoration.

  • The Unicolor model : The most recent style, it allows to decorate a room easily.

  • The patterned model : Unicorn, owl, heart or even the tree of life dream catcher... the dream catcher with giant patterns are those that are commonly chosen by children and new couples.

  • The phosphorescent model: It is about the Dreamcatcher which lights up thanks to its bulbs. It offers a perfect night decoration, especially at Christmas. It is also very requested by the children, not to be in the complete darkness during the night. It also reassures children who know its magical story.


A Giant Dream Catcher chosen by us can be kept for 10 years, this is due to their composition.

Thus, we recommend you to choose a model conceived in organic material. That is to say, its composition comes from high quality natural elements.

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