Unicorn dream catcher

Once upon a time, in those days were gone when the unicorn dream catcher could be seen only in the houses of people interested in esotericism.

Nowadays, completely different people choose it. According to the legend, a Unicorn Dreamcatcher protects sleep from unpleasant dreams and leaves only good dreams. Thanks to it, a person sleeps peacefully all night, rests properly and reserves his strength for a new day. In addition to its direct purpose, a unicorn dream catcher can become an original decoration of a house.


People became actively interested in dream catchers in the second half of the twentieth century (60 - 70 years). And in any case all those who bought this article thought that it would protect them from bad dreams. Today, many buyers of Unicorn Dreamcatcher want to get this current interior decoration.

Dream catchers originated from the Native Americans of North America, however, no one knows exactly when they first appeared. Some Siberian peoples used similar magical objects for the same purpose. The traditions of use of these amulets between Indians and Siberians most likely existed independently of each other, as the exchange of information between them was excluded due to the considerable distance of their geographical location.

The story of the appearance of the Siberian Dreamcatcher has not reached us, but there is a beautiful legend about the Indian Dreamcatcher. Once on a high hill, one of the leaders of the Dakota clan was sitting. He was meditating alone. And suddenly, the protective spirit of his tribe appeared in the form of a large spider. The spirit spoke at length about the master of birth, rebirth, death, the secrets of being and the meaning of life.

Then the spirit took the willow branch and wove it into a circle, filling it inside with spider web patterns.

Since then, Indians started making Dreamcatchers that helped them avoid the influence of nightmares and see only good dreams at night.

Nowadays, frequent stressful situations and other negative factors do not affect the quality of sleep in the best way, like nightmares and nausea after waking up. But it is worthwhile to improve sleep, and a person wakes up in a good mood, manages to do more, performs daily work better and is also less prone to various diseases.

In order to calm a person's sleep, have good dreams and chase away nightmares, the Unicorn Dream Catcher is placed above the headboard of the bed. The tradition of decorating babies' cribs with dreamcatchers is especially prevalent among Indians, so that the dreamcatcher's web confuses evil spirits of the night and attracts good with pleasant dreams. To improve the sleep of a child, even a mobilizer in the form of an amulet is now used as a dream catcher.

Among the peoples of Siberia, the dream catcher was one of the shamanic objects. Located above the head of the sleeper, the amulet not only protected the sleep from evil spirits, but also allowed the shaman to control his dreams. With the help of sleep, the shaman could learn about upcoming events and receive guidance in making fateful decisions for the tribe.



If the Unicorn Dreamcatcher is so popular, it is because behind this mythical animal lies a powerful legend. Here it is:

Unicorns lived in India and had the body of a horse, with antelope legs, a goat beard and a straight horn on the forehead. Unicorns were white.

These animals could not be seen by everyone, but only by those who were kind and pure of heart. Only young girls were supposed to take care of them and protect them. That is also why they used these young girls to catch them.

One of the only ways to capture a unicorn was to rely on the charms of innocent pure-hearted girls, who were naively approached by the unicorns attracted by their purity and liked to rest their heads on their laps. This is how the hunters who captured them cut off their horns, causing them to die.

Unfortunately for these animals, if their horns were removed, they would die instantly.

In the Middle Ages, many nobles sought out this trophy and offered great rewards to anyone who could get them an Indian unicorn horn. This practice led to the extinction of these magical animals.

The unicorn was a shy and solitary animal, but it could be very aggressive, which made it particularly difficult to capture.

It was considered to offer protection against all known poisons and incurable diseases. It was a belief that anyone who ingested a potion prepared with a unicorn horn would live forever.

The nobles consumed the ground horn prepared with food or drinks, and their action was more intense if the cup was made with a horn of this animal.

The unicorn is a symbol of freedom, purity, strength, courage and magic.


If this type of dream catcher is so popular, it is because it has many advantages:

  • It is original: Differentiating itself from other dream-catchers and wall decorations in general, as the macrame dream catcher.
  • It is very popular with children, this animal being one of their favorite legendary animals. You can also choose a dream catcher kit to make their own unicorn dream catcher;


Unicorn dream catcher models are often very colorful, often being offered to children, with a size varying between 40 and 60 cm. However, other characteristics vary and must be taken into account when choosing the Unicorn Dreamcatcher:

Material: Wicker and organic material offer the highest quality and allow for a minimum of 10 years storage.
Phosphorescence: Very popular with children, the Unicorn Phosphorescent Dreamcatcher glows in the night.