Black dream catcher bracelet

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This Black Dream Catcher Bracelet is a fashion accessory in the form of the Dream Catcher, a magical instrument with powerful powers.


The dream catcher is not a simple accessory, it is a thousand year old object that has crossed the centuries before becoming a very popular symbol in the world of fashion and jewellery like our Dream Catcher Bracelet in Silver 925.

The origin
Legend has it that the dream catcher was born from a vision of the spider woman of the Objiwe tribe, who passed it on to the tribe so that they could start making them to filter dreams.

This knowledge was passed on to other Amerindian tribes, and all of this pre-Columbian culture used this magical object

The post-colonization period
After the arrival of the Europeans, the dream catcher was brought back to Europe and began to adorn the walls of homes

The 20th century
The New Age movement brought this object to the forefront in the 1960's and 1970's, and all western countries used it to adorn their homes.

As a result of this popularity, many low-end dream catchers were banned by the law because they did not respect the manufacturing principles of the Native American dream catcher.

The 21st century
The 21st century popularized the objects derived from the dream catcher, like this black dream catcher bracelet.

Standardized, the objects of the dream catcher universe are very common today. You have to scour the web to find original models and accessories. It is to serve this ever increasing demand that our website was created.


Design: Native American dream catcher
Colour: Silver and Black
Does not irritate the skin
Fits all wrists
Composition: High quality organic material
Free shipping worldwide
Perfect to give to your loved ones!