Black dream catcher eagle

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This Black Dream Catcher Eagle carries in it a multitude of symbols going well beyond its decorative aspect.


For thousands of years, the indigenous peoples of North America all had dream catchers. Placed above their beds, they used them to capture bad dreams and let only pleasant ones pass.

The legendary origin of this object comes from the Ojibwe tribe, populating the lands of the United States and Canada and being still more than 330 000 on these territories.

According to legendary accounts, a spider woman had a vision that she transmitted to the chief of this tribe. In this vision, she imagined the dream catcher, allowing her to capture the nightmares that haunted the nights of the Objiwe.

After that, the chief passed on his knowledge to his people. Then this connection crossed the borders of the tribe and the other tribes were able to make dream catchers in their turn.


The eagle has always been an emblematic figure. This wild animal being all the more respected by the Amerindian tribes, for whom it symbolized strength and truth.

Each dream catcher was made of feathers of an animal to which they wished to attribute the characteristics.

Even the dream catchers intended for children, like this Phosphorescent Tree of Life Dream Catcher were made of feathers.

In this case, a dream catcher adorned with eagle feathers was said to transmit the strength of the Eagle to its holder.


Placed above your bed or your child's bed, it will beautifully adorn its wall and give an original look to the room.

You can also place it in another room where its charm will leave no one indifferent.

The black color of this black dream catcher attracts the eye, whether it is in the detail or in the background in a full environment. Although known as the color of darkness, black is also one of the most elegant colors for interior design.

Colors say a lot about our personality and can directly influence our mood and well-being. It is therefore important to know the meaning of each one before using them.

The color black, when used in decoration, symbolizes elegance, dignity, luxury, sophistication and formality. If you have black in your favorite colors, you are a determined and confident person, you like to control and you definitely appreciate a lot of elegance. This black dream catcher with its large size and long black feathers will give your room that elegance and beautify your home.

It will be the first object on which the eyes land and will be enthroned above your bedroom or the room of your choice.


Composition: Wool, Beads, Feathers
Diameter of the big circle: 20 cm
Total length: 61 cm
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