Cherokee dream catcher necklace

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This Cherokee Dream Catcher Necklace honours the dream catcher, an ancient object that is a key part of Native American culture.


This dream catcher necklace pays tribute to the ancient American Indians. The dream catcher, whose origin dates back more than a thousand years according to research carried out in the 20th century, was an object invented and used to filter dreams and avoid long nights of nightmares and torments.

It was then passed on to the rest of the world, where it is the number one selling decorative object. This success is partly due to the New Age movement that popularised it over half a century ago.

It has now been adopted by all Western civilizations, which decorate their walls with it.

It is even used in derivative objects, such as key rings, sheets, mini car dream catchers and jewellery. Like our Tree of Life Dream Catcher Necklace

It is one of the oldest popular objects, having crossed the period of antiquity, the Middle Ages, the renaissance and then the modern era throughout the world.

This success is far from decreasing, the dream catcher necklace is very popular among women of all cultures in Europe, Oceania and North America.

This dream catcher necklace is also a very rare piece, like our other necklaces, being unavailable in shops and proposed mostly on the English-speaking market in online shops.

We are the only ones on the French territory to deliver it for free. Order it now and find it directly in your mailbox after the passage of the postman.


Metal: Zinc alloy
Type: Dream catcher necklace
Colour: Gold
Pendant size: 11*21 mm
Hanging necklace
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