Dream catcher big cherokee tree "tataanka"

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Symbol of ancestral America and the Native American tribes that composed it, the Dream Catcher was used for the very first time several centuries ago to protect its holder from bad dreams and filter only the good ones.

The tree depicted on this dream catcher represents the tall trees of the Cherokee tribe.

In the early fall, when the Cherokee were moving west, the whole tribe would kiss the big trees before leaving, as a sign of respect.


Dreamcatchers were a central part of the Native American culture. They believed that dreams entered their homes during the night to take over their minds while they were sleeping. They then used these decorative objects to filter out all the nightmares and keep only the good dreams.

According to legend, the Ojibwe tribe was the first to use them. According to legend, Asibikaashi, called the Spider Woman, gave their spiritual leader a vision of how to design a tool to destroy nightmares and calm the nights of this tribe.

The Dreamcatcher was then passed on to all the women of the tribe who were able to make its magical objects.

These first dream catchers were made of willow curls and sinew. The choice of the willow was decided by the Amerindians because it was the tree representing love.

The circle represented the movements of the sun around the earth.

The dream catchers were hung above the cradles and beds of children so that their feathers would filter good dreams and deposit them towards the child. The web allowed to act as a complement and to capture the nightmares. Finally the Sun, at dawn, dissipated the bad dreams hanging on the cloth.


Beyond the Cherokee's relationship to their great trees, the tree of life is a symbol of the link between man and God or the universe.

The tree of life is defined by 6 concepts: Power, Wisdom, Fertility, Life, Cycle of Life and Immortality.

Beyond Native American beliefs, the Tree of Life was a symbol for many ancestral cultures.

Among the Hebrews: It represented in the Qabalah the connection between Man and God or the Universe;
Among the Vikings: It is the link between the world of Man and that of the Spirits. The upper branches represent the heavenly spirits. The trunk of the tree represents the kingdom of humans on planet earth. As for the roots, they represent the spirits of the underworld.
In Germany: The tree of life symbolizes the protection of the home.
In Egypt: The roots of the Tree of Life is the source of the water of life.
In China : The tree of life shelters the spirits of the deceased.
In India: It symbolizes the link between God and his people. The roots represent God, the trunk represents civilization and the leaves represent people.

This Cherokee Big Tree Dreamcatcher has extraordinary symbolism combined with a very aesthetic appearance just like our White Heart Dreamcatcher.

It is also very imposing, measuring 20 cm wide and 65 cm long, the diameter of the circle is 20 cm.

Placed above the headboard of the bed, it will be an essential decorative object and will give a real life to your room.


Composition: High quality organic material
Size: 65 cm
Width: 20 cm
Diameter of the hoop: 20 cm
Type: Tree of Life Dream Catcher
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