Dream catcher "cheyenne feathers"

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The feather dream catcher is an ancestral object originally used by the Amerindians to soothe their sleep and eliminate their nightmares.

Today, they are used on a large scale, especially in the West where their success is growing over the years.

Often, these reproductions do not respect the manufacturing process of the ancient tribes of the Americas, being often made of metal.

This Cheyenne feather dream catcher has been conceived respecting the principles of manufacturing of the historical models, identical to this American Indian feather dream catcher.


Even if the legends do not all agree on the origin of the dream catcher, it seems that the Objiwé tribe is the very first to have used this tool to overcome their most frightening nightmares.

In particular, they placed this decorative object above the headboard of their children's beds, to help them fall asleep with serenity. The slow movements of the feathers helped them to fall asleep much faster.

Today, the Objiwe tribe, still present in the northern United States and Canada, still use them. But these nightmare catchers have long since crossed the borders of this tribe to spread first to other tribes.

After the conquest of the United States, the settlers brought these objects back to the West. Since a few decades, dream catchers are now widespread on the European continent.

We can now even find them in the form of jewelry, accessories and tattoos.


This feather dream catcher respects the manufacturing instructions and the symbolism brought to this object by the ancient tribes of America.

First of all, the dimensions are respected and we can qualify this dream catcher as "giant" compared to the smaller models found in the market.
The circle represents the cycle of life, without end according to the beliefs of the native Americans.
The weaving of the circle symbolizes the weaving of the spider trapping bad dreams.
The beads represent trapped nightmares.
The feathers allow good dreams to be filtered and slipped into the sleeper's mind.
The appearance of this feather dream catcher has been thought to combine the symbolism of this mythical object with the elegance sought by anyone wishing to decorate their living room successfully.


This wall decoration object has been designed to be kept for many years. It will be enthroned in your living space and will be the witness of life of all your memories.

Very much in demand when it comes to reassuring children to allow them to fall asleep deeply, this dream catcher will accompany him throughout his childhood and will then remind him of all his youthful memories.

Characteristics :

Color : Multicolored
Length : 50 cm
Width : 13 cm
Woven by hand
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