Indian dream catcher "cherokee eagle"

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This Cherokee Eagle Indian Dream Catcher is a decorative object that draws its origin from the Native Americans living in the Great Plains. It takes the symbolism of the dream catchers used by the American Indians.


Dreamcatchers originally came from the Ojibwe people, a group of indigenous people who lived in the north of the American continent.

These people, whose members often had nightmares that disturbed their sleep, got together to find a solution to these nocturnal ailments. A mystical entity from this people had a vision that led to the creation of objects capable of capturing bad dreams. The Indian Dreamcatcher was born.

This vision was passed on by the person who had experienced it, Asibikaashi, a mystical entity whose existence is dedicated to the children of the Ojibwe people and to the protection of the Ojibwe people in their territory.

However, the Ojibwe wanted to expand their territory and conquer other American lands. This desire to conquer posed a problem for Asibikaashi who could only ensure their protection in their original territory.

She then revealed the very first Indian Dreamcatcher to the spiritual leader of the Ojibwe who revealed it to all the women of this people. They were then able to reproduce these dream catchers.

All the Ojibwe then hung these dreamcatchers above their beds to protect themselves while they slept and to prevent their children from terrible nightmares. They also used them to protect themselves when they went on adventures to protect themselves from bad luck.

This Cherokee Eagle Dream Catcher represents the spirit of conquest of this Native American culture.


This dream catcher has been handmade just like our Black Eagle Dream Catcher and respecting the standards of the original dream catcher. It is composed of a hoop, a canvas and beads and is the same size as the very first ones used by the American Indians.

The hoop represents the cycle of the sun and moon in the sky.

The webbing is used to capture bad dreams, and acts as a complement to the feathers which is put in place to direct good dreams to its owner.

This Indian Dreamcatcher is in the colors of the golden eagle, symbol of truth and courage for the Native Americans.

It respects the original dimensions with a height of 50 cm and feathers from 10 to 17 cm. The two circles which compose it have a respective diameter of 6 and 11cm.

The small circle nested in the large one represents the union between two people and is suitable for couples or two people who appreciate each other and maintain strong ties.


Colors play a fundamental role in interior design. They are considered a constructive element that gives environments an identity and sensory qualities. Moreover, colors have the power to evoke sensations and therefore influence our behavior and relationships. The brown of this Indian Dreamcatcher, for example, is the color of the earth and connects the built environment to nature, evoking notions such as solidity, maturity and security. The color brown is a timeless decorative solution and always brings sophistication and warmth to different living spaces.

Brown can be considered a wild color. This aspect reminds of the Objiwés' life in the wild. Thanks to its brown hue, this dream catcher is able to harmonize the combination of objects of different styles and colors and adapt to the most varied decoration styles, bringing harmony and balance to the environment.

Welcome in all environments, the main function of the brown color is to serve as a background to highlight contrasting colors or elements, creating more and more environments.

This Indian dream catcher will thus highlight your entire room and the elements that compose it.

Because the color brown evokes sensations such as security, stability and comfort, its use is highly recommended in the bedroom. This Indian dream catcher helps create an intimate, relaxing and charming atmosphere.



Symbol: Royal Eagle
Height: 50 cm
Feather length: 10 to 17cm
Hoop diameter: 6 and 11 cm
Composition: High quality organic material
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