Pink dream catcher "rosace"

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The pink dream catcher has its origins in the ancient Native American tribes of North America.

Those who are familiar with Native American civilizations know how central the dream catcher is in their homes and in their minds.

These mythical objects have since crossed the borders and have become a resounding and unexpected success in the Western world.

At the origin of the dream catcher, there are different stories and legends, which have been transmitted by different Native American tribes. Not everyone believes in the effects of dream catchers, but the mystical traditions tell us about the rich history of this thousand-year-old object created by the North American Indians.



Our pink dream catcher is inspired by ancient dream catchers whose legend and creation date back dozens of centuries.

One of the many legends surrounding the dream catcher tells of an old woman who used to visit the spider woman and ask her advice, as her daughter was plagued by terrible nightmares every night. The spider woman advised her to look for a willow branch and make it into a sacred circle. In the circle she was to weave a dried rope, leaving a hole in the middle. The feathers then hung were to indicate the path that dreams take to enter the mind of the sleeper while the evil spirits were to hang in the nets and die in the morning sun.

This advice was followed by the unhappy woman who brought the dream catcher thus created to her daughter's bed. Now she could sleep peacefully.

This object was then passed on to the whole tribe, and then over the years, to all Native American tribes who used it to chase away nightmares.


The fact that it is pink, this dream catcher differs from the classic and ancestral models such as the Pink Dream Catcher Girl Peaceful. However, this does not make it a purely commercial model.

Indeed, the dimensions and the symbols which composes it is in total agreement with the millenary fabrications of those of the Indians of America. This sensor is handcrafted, and includes the 4 symbols of the ancestral dream sensor:

Three hoops representing the cycle of life, infinite in the American Indians who consider that the spiritual body survives after the end of the physical body.
The weave in the center of the hoops is designed to capture nightmares.
The beads symbolize the nightmares captured during the owner's sleep.
The feathers, used to drag the positive dreams to the sleeping person.
Finally, unlike commercial models, no metal is included in this pink dream catcher.

Pink is not a very symbolic color among native Americans, but it is very popular among little western girls to whom it evokes a fairy world full of dreams, making this color totally in tune with the universe of dream catchers.

However, pink is not only a color associated with the world of little girls, princesses and worlds filled with enchantment. It is also the universal color of love, inner peace and harmony.


Children are sometimes plagued with nightmares. If your daughter's sleep is disturbed by strange dreams, place this pink dream catcher above the head of her bed on the wall and tell her about the magical powers of this object. She will then find sleep with serenity, a necessary condition for a peaceful and restful sleep.

Characteristics :

Style : Girly
Materials : Feathers, flocking
Length : 84 cm
Diameters of circles: 20 cm, 16 cm and 11 cm
Width: 22 cm
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