Dream catcher pompon

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Our Pompon Dreamcatcher is a handmade product that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration.


The dream catcher comes from the Amerindian culture in which it occupied a central place. It was responsible for protecting the dreams of the North American people. This legend makes it the most mystical object of decoration.

Also known as a dream catcher, this design was originally associated with the indigenous peoples of North America, particularly the Cheyenne and Lakota tribes, who lived nearby in what is now Wyoming.

According to the Lakota tribe, a spiritual leader had a vision on top of a mountain, before him appeared Iktomi, a spider, symbol of wisdom. Weaving the web, she began to speak to the great sage and explain the power of the positive and negative energies of the night. Then, in order to capture the good energies, he gave her the dream catcher, intended to help people achieve their goals by changing their dreams. At the time, dreams were seen as omens of the future.


This Pompon Dreamcatcher is very much used in decoration because of its handcrafted aspect and its navy blue and light blue colours.

The pink allows to modernize a room and to soften dark shades.

Blue is fresh and adds warmth to a cold room. It also adds a sense of depth and draws the eye.

These colours are often associated with the bedroom, which is where the tassel dream catcher is often placed.

Characteristics :

Type : Dream catcher
Size : 20 * 6 cm
Material : Cotton thread