Dream catcher tattoo leg coloured feathers

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This Dream Catcher Leg Tattoo has all the advantages of a temporary tattoo, being waterproof, painless and fitting perfectly to the skin.

It will be able to accompany you everywhere without fear that it will deteriorate. Beyond its aesthetic aspect, it contains a strong symbolism just like the Peace and Love Dream Catcher Tattoo and the Yin Yang Dream Catcher Tattoo.


Dream catchers, also called dream catchers, represent the web woven by the spider-woman, the protective figure of the Objiwe Native American people. According to legend, this object holds the secrets of the infinite circle of life.

The dream catcher is also a symbol in which each individual goes through his or her life cycle, including both positive and negative events, which complement each other and symbolise the whole.

The feathers of this dream catcher tattoo represent the guardian of sleep. In ancient tradition, the feathers of the Native American dream catcher deposited good dreams in the mind of the sleeper.

Each element of the traditional Indian dream catcher was thought out and considered:

The circle represented the infinite cycle of life for these tribes
The web, used to trap bad dreams
The beads symbolised trapped dreams
The central bead represented the protective spider
Feathers were used to bring good dreams to the sleeper
The feathers were taken from the animal whose characteristics the wearer wished to take on


Beyond its unique appearance, this temporary tattoo has many advantages:

It is waterproof, so you can take it to the sea without any risk
It is painless, you can apply it without any difficulty
It is imposing, measuring 21 cm long and 14.8 cm wide
It can also be used on glass or ceramic objects


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True to the Native American dream catcher