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This unicorn dream catcher will conquer all little girls. It will quickly become the decorative object adorning the wall of her room.


The unicorn dream catcher takes its inspiration from the ancient Native American dream catcher. Originally, this object was used by the Chippewas to remove bad dreams and keep only the good ones.

Traditionally made dream catchers are made of a willow ring and a network of cords. The cords could be made of intestines or sinew, leather or horsehair could also be used. In the braid, various talismans were incorporated. These could be animal bones, stones, gems, feathers or dried plant parts.

The basic shape of the dream catcher is the circle, which in legend is the harmony and eternal cycle of life. The net-like fabric was used to capture good dreams that reached the sleepers via the feathers. Confusing and uninvited dreams began in the dream catcher's web and were pierced by the morning sun. The objects woven into the web had different functions.

There are many legends about the creation of the dream catcher, a very beautiful one is the legend of the Lakota tribe.

In the gray days, long ago, an old shaman of the Lakota Sioux wandered on top of a high mountain. As he lingered, a vision came to him. According to legend, Iktomi revealed a secret to him in this vision. Iktomi is the embodiment of wisdom and cunning and usually appears in the form of a spider.

The language used by Iktomi could only be understood by the spiritual leaders of the Lakota. The old shaman carried a willow branch decorated with feathers. Iktomi spoke about how we are born and enter life as helpless babies. We go on to become children, teenagers and finally adults and the fathers themselves of the new children we bring into the world.

As we grow older, we become weaker and need more help. So we have to take care of ourselves as well as the young children. With death, the cycle is closed.

"But listen," says Iktomi, "throughout our lives we encounter alien powers - some of us good, some not. Listen to the good forces, for they will lead your life on the right path. Ignore the bad forces, for they can lead you off the right path and even hurt you. "Iktomi continued,"

Many forces exist in harmony with our world. They can help you live a happy life in harmony with the Great Spirit. Other forces may want to invade and disrupt your life and confuse you. "

As the spider-man spoke, he continued to weave his web. When the work was finished, Iktomi handed the net to the old shaman and said, "You see, this net forms a perfect circle. But in the middle of the circle, there is a hole. You can use this dream catcher to help you and your tribe find the right path. Trust in the Great Spirit and use your dreams and visions. The dream catcher will catch all good ideas and pass them on to you. All evil powers will disappear through the hole in the center. "

The Lakota elder told this legend to his tribe members. Since then, the Sioux Indians have used the dream catcher as a guardian of their dreams and visions.

They hang the dream catcher on their beds and thus protect themselves from the bad influence of dreams. The best is caught by the net and remains in the waking life, the bad influences disappear through the hole in the middle and dissolve. According to legend, the Indians are firmly convinced that a dream catcher can decide their fate.


As we have seen, dream catchers were created centuries ago in North America by native people who wanted to use an object that would capture bad dreams with its web and drag good dreams to the sleeper thanks to its feathers, which were often decorated in honor of the animal, as evidenced by our Owl Dream Catcher

Even if few people believe in the virtues of dream catchers. Parents still use them to help their children fall asleep. By telling them the story of the dream catcher, this magical object allowing to capture the worst monsters present in their nightmares, many of them can now find sleep in all peace, without their worried mind reviving strange nightmares during their sleep.



The unicorn is a mythological animal, which in the legend, could be approached only by little girls. It is an animal symbolizing purity and femininity.

The unicorn has gained popularity in fairy tales and fantasy works, representing goodness and innocence.

The unicorn is the most popular legendary animal for little girls.

This unicorn dream catcher has been specially created so that every girl can hang this legendary figure on her bedroom wall, changing the classic poster and stickers usually ephemeral.

This unicorn dream catcher is the perfect gift any parent can give their daughter to help her fall asleep by letting her mind go to the fairy tales of this animal rather than nightmares filled with monsters and creatures that only children can imagine.


Length: 52 cm
Composition: Metal / Fabric / Plastic / Feather
Pattern : Unicorn
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