Feather dream catcher earrings

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These Feather Dream Catcher Earrings are a little different from other earrings in both their symbolism and appearance.


The dream catcher originated in North America, where Native American civilizations hung it over their beds to trap nightmares.

Each element of these earrings represents the original Indian dream catcher:

The circle, which represents the infinite cycle of life for this people
The web, representing the spider's web that traps dreams
The web bead, representing the spider
The outer beads, which are the pleasant dreams
The feathers, which bring good dreams down to the sleeper
But what makes these earrings a unique accessory is that they are not only inspired by the original dream catcher.

Indeed, their golden colours and decorative aspect remind us of the ancestral objects of the Incas, Mayas and civilizations of South America that ruled this territory before the arrival of the colonists.

Thus, these feather dream catcher earrings are inspired by all the civilizations of Pre-Columbian America just like our Native American Dream Catcher Earrings.


The Black and Gold colours of these earrings will enhance your figure and your face, and will match all your outfits to magnify your femininity and your elegance.

You will be able to enjoy the combination of two of the most popular colours. Black for its sober and imposing side, and Gold for its brilliance and the wealth it symbolizes.

Their combination is well represented in pop culture and is very present at galas and chic events.


Composition: Zinc alloy
Design: Dream catcher
Size: 13 * 2,1cm
Colours: Black, Gold
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