Handcrafted dream catcher "shankila"

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This handmade dream catcher is often used only for decorative purposes, because it is very beautiful to look at and allows to decorate the room in an original way. This object, however, hides many meanings and according to the Lakota Native American tribe, originating from North America, was almost indispensable. Still surrounded by an almost magical aura, the dream catcher is now used to decorate rooms, but knowing its meaning and where it should be hung according to legend could allow you to make the most of it. It is said to be able to chase away negative energies and protect dreams, thus promoting the spiritual growth of those who possess it.


As we have said, the dream catcher was built and used by the ancient indigenous peoples of North America, but also in India: it was an object full of meanings, considered as a good omen and indispensable to promote the spiritual growth of each individual. According to tradition and various legends, the handcrafted dream catcher captures negative energies during the night or at least while we sleep and holds them. As soon as the first rays of sunlight arrive, these negative energies are disintegrated and dispersed. The positive energies, on the other hand, pass through the center of the circle and reach those who sleep, promoting a happy and nightmare-free sleep.


This beautiful decorative object must be correctly positioned. The most common is to place it in the bedroom: in other rooms of the house, it would not make much sense. Traditionally, it should be hung at the head of the bed or next to a window , so that it can float freely and in the morning it is hit by the sunlight.

Characteristics :

Composition: Hoop, Feathers and Beads
Size: 13 * 12 cm
Type : Dream Catcher Handcrafted