Indian dream catcher "wakan"

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No longer an exclusive Native American icon, dream catchers are found on phone cases, necklaces, clothing, tattoos and many other products. Aesthetically they are attractive, they involve dreams and have beautiful beads or feathers attached to a woven net. But this Indian dream catcher has a strong meaning, just like the ones originally used.


Authentic dreamcatchers are made with a wooden hoop, usually made of willow, and often have sacred objects (beads, feathers) hanging from the center of the hoop. Some have leather wrapped around the wooden part, which is often an indication of its authenticity. The Ojibwe tribe is responsible for creating this spiritual element and their inspiration comes from spiders. This is why the woven thread in the center of this Indian dream catcher looks like a spider's web.

Unlike other cultures, Native Americans consider spiders to be protectors. In fact, at the time of their origin, Native Americans believed in a mystical woman in the form of a spider whose job was to protect and care for the children as well as other members of the tribe. As the tribe grew and migrated further into the country, she was no longer able to protect the entire tribe. As a result, she created the Indian dream catcher to protect the tribe as it grew. Because of this belief, mothers and grandmothers began to create the dream catcher and it evolved into a maternal keepsake.

Typically, this Indian dream catcher is hung above the bed and should be exposed to the sun. It works by filtering good dreams from bad dreams according to the legend. It captures bad dreams and allows only good thoughts and dreams to enter the unconscious. While bad dreams are trapped in the webbed part of the Indian dream catcher, good dreams glide over the feathers and dangling beads to soothe and calm the sleeping person. Early in the morning, with the first rays of sunlight, the bad dreams disappear and the child has a good night's sleep.


Although the Amerindians believed in the magical power of the dream catcher, its magical properties are nowadays considered only symbolic.

However, many testimonies attest that the people having an Indian dream catcher sleep better at its side, the nightmares disappearing instantaneously.

Even if the effect is psychological, the consequences are real.

This effect is particularly present in children, after their parents have told them the magical story of this ancient object. You can therefore use it to allow your child to sleep better and not to be afraid of nightmares that disturb his sleep.


Traditionally, dreamcatchers are not multicolored. However, this multitude of colors has two advantages:

Some people prefer it to the classic dream catcher, finding it more gay.
Children love objects with bright and diverse colors.


Size: 13 * 55 cm
Composition: High quality organic material
Weight: 31 grams