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This Dream Catcher Keychain with Eagle Feathers symbolizes the power granted by the Native Americans to this animal.


The eagle was a sacred animal among Native American tribes, who often used it to decorate their dream catchers.

The dream catcher was a central object in the Native American culture, whose members all owned one. It was decorated with feathers, and more particularly with feathers of the animal whose characteristics the owner wished to attribute to himself.

The eagle was the animal most often represented on these dream catchers, symbolizing courage and truth.

It was for this people a sacred animal.

During a healing circle, holding an eagle in one's hand while speaking implied in the pre-Columbian civilization the commitment to tell the truth.

The eagle being the bird that soars highest in the air, it was considered closer to the creator and also symbolized spiritual elevation.

Its feather was even used to scatter tobacco dust to help prayers reach the creator.

Another symbol of the importance of this animal, the gift of an eagle feather was seen as the greatest of honorary gifts to be given.

Each eagle feather worn by a warrior embodied every act of bravery he had performed.


Most key chains look the same. Can you remember a keychain that stood out for you?

With this Eagle Feather Dream Catcher Keychain, you'll be sure to have a keychain that stands out, catches the eye and arouses curiosity, as is the case with our Fatman's Hand Dream Catcher Keychain.

You can insert it in your pocket or carry it directly on you thanks to its carabiner.


Suitable for men and women
Length: 15 cm
Composition: Organic material
Motifs: Indian dream catcher, feathers, beads
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