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Different from the traditional key chains, this Dream Catcher Hand of Fatma, gathers the symbols of two totally different cultures.


In the Amerindian culture, dream catchers symbolized the mastery of dreams. These peoples used this object before other peoples to capture nightmares and live only good dreams during their sleep.

They usually placed this object above their headboard so that the first rays of the sun would shine through the cloth to dissolve the trapped nightmares.

It is difficult to determine with certainty the birth of the dream catcher, the Amerindians transmitting their knowledge almost exclusively in an oral way.

However, research seems to show that its origin goes back to more than a thousand years.


The hand of Fatma, also called hand of Fatima, is supposed to protect its owner from the evil eye. Taking the form of a hand with 5 fingers, it is mostly used in the Maghreb, Libya and Egypt.

The hand of Fatma, is not related to the Koran, for which it could be seen as a sacrilege, being born in the pre-Islamic period.

It was notably used in the Carthaginian civilization, where the inhabitants associated it with the goddess Tanit.

The Kabyles, who believed in its power of protection, transmitted their beliefs to their Muslim conquerors.

Some Muslims believe however that the hand represents God and the main figures of Islam.

Each finger is believed to represent Muhammad, his daughter Fatima, his son-in-law and cousin Ali, and his two sons, Hassan and Ali.

This Keychain Dream Catcher Hand of Fatma symbolizes both the protection of dreams, with the dream catcher , also present on our Keychain Dream Catcher Indian and the protection of real life, with the hand of Fatma.

Characteristics :

Length: 14.6 cm
Composition: Metal and turquoise stone
Motive : Hand of Fatima, Dream catcher (or Indian dream catcher)
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