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With this Girly Mini Dreamcatcher, add a touch of charm to your vehicle's interior to make it unique and different from traditional interiors.


Black, sometimes silver, little coloured, the interior of a classic car is often very masculine and totally unsuited to the taste of a feminine and refined woman.

With this mini dream catcher, you can add a shade of pink to this interior to make it more welcoming.

The colour pink is the most common colour used to brighten up a decor. Often associated with femininity, this colour has always symbolised love and sincere feelings.

This colour is often used in combination with white, which represents purity and innocence as in our Mini Dream Catcher Deer.

For years without getting damaged, this mini dream catcher will change you from the ephemeral perfumed and dangerous for health fir trees or the low quality grey ones which get damaged quickly and without real originality and aestheticism.

It will accompany you on your daily journeys, and will help you to keep your optimism during the journeys leading you to important events and sometimes sources of stress.

Easy to hang, it is also proportioned so that it is not unpleasant or even dangerous when cornering. It won't twirl at every turn.


Children often get upset, fidgety and are a real ordeal for parents trying to concentrate while driving.

This mini dream catcher, with its pink colour will appeal to all little girls and will give off a charm that will keep them calm, making the drive more enjoyable.

It is also a possibility to soothe her with its long coloured feathers in a soft and pleasant flashy pink.


Design: Mini dream catcher
Colour: Pink
Total length: 34 cm
Width: 7 cm
Composition: Plastic fibre
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