Mini dream catcher tree of life

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Want to decorate your car with a decorative accessory that stands out from the traditional tree-shaped car perfumes? The Mini Dreamcatcher Tree of Life is for you!


The Dreamcatcher is the symbol par excellence of Pre-Columbian America. In North America, tribes used it to capture nightmares.

This mini dream catcher has been designed to represent the oldest models created over a thousand years ago, just like our Turquoise Dream Catcher Necklace.

It is firstly in the colours of nature, brown, a colour often associated with mother earth and central to the Native Americans.

Then, instead of the traditional woven fabric, there is a tree of life, a tree sacred to ancient cultures on all continents. The tree of life represents both the link of the earth with man and the link of man with the universe, symbol of spiritual elevation.

For the Indians of the Americas, the tree of life links man to the earth at its roots, and the branches link man to the universe. The trunk represents man.

This mini dream catcher is also set with feathers as the ancients were.


A car is often poorly decorated, which gives it a dull and unwelcoming appearance. With this mini dream catcher you can hang it on the front of your car, it will be even more beautiful at sunrise and sunset, the light rays crossing its circle in a majestic way.

It will also last for many years and will not be damaged by time. It can even be used on one of your next cars.


Design: Dreamcatcher, Tree of Life
Size: 14 cm
Weight: 100 grams
Type: Mini Dream Catcher
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