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Sold as a set of 3 pieces, this Owl Dream Catcher Tattoo will cover a large part of the area where you want to put it, making 21 cm * 14.8 cm. It is similar in size to our Dream Catcher Tattoo

Mystical object eliminating nightmares, a dream catcher represents the body of this owl. It had for function at the Amerindians to ensure the balance between the physical and spiritual life.


Widely democratized in recent years, the temporary tattoo spares its wearer the pain and aging of the tattoo.

With this Owl Dream Catcher Tattoo, you will be able to enjoy an imposing tattoo that can be removed at any time.

The temporary aspect of this tattoo will allow you to enjoy a tattoo without having to commit yourself to a tattoo that will follow you all your life.

The first advantage of this type of tattoo is its ephemeral character: no more question of committing yourself for life with a tattoo that you won't like anymore, no more reason to hesitate for hours, it is only temporary!

The second advantage is that it is not painful, unlike the extremely painful permanent tattoos. Needles, Blood, Pain, with the temporary tattoo, forget all the constraints of the classic tattoo.

Advantage number 3 is the possibility to get a tattoo easily for a very affordable price. This one, decorated with a dream catcher and an owl is less than 5 euros each. A permanent tattoo of this size costs several hundred euros.

Last advantage offered, its hygienic aspect. There is no risk for your skin which will not be pierced by a needle for hours, and which can be a vector of serious diseases or ink infiltration in your body in case of negligence.

So enjoy this Owl Dream Catcher Tattoo quickly!

Features :

Dimensions : 21 * 14,8 cm
Motifs : Owl, Indian Dream Catcher
Set of 3 pieces
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