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This Wolf Dream Catcher Tattoo, sold in a set of 3 pieces, has a unique spiritual dimension. It will convey the love and loyalty you have for the people around you that you value and care about. It will also enhance your body. It is particularly adapted to be put on the legs.


The original function of dream catchers is to trap nightmares. They act as a protector and mark through their essence the infinite circle of life. Their feathers represent the elements you can rely on to make your dreams come true.

Closely related to the world of dreams, the dream catcher in this tattoo also symbolises your goals and the dreams you wish to achieve in your life, just like our Mongwau Owl Dream Catcher Tattoo.


The wolf in the centre of the circle of this dream catcher tattoo represents power and survival instinct. Among the American Indians, and in particular among the Apache tribe, this animal was among the most respected along with the eagle. The eagle dominated the air and the wolf dominated the land.


This wolf dream catcher tattoo is a body enhancing element that effortlessly fits your shape while preserving the skin.

It is also very imposing, measuring 21cm in length and 15cm in width.

Temporary, you will be able to remove it whenever you want without pain or effort.


Sold in packs of 3, less than 5 euros per tattoo
Dimensions: 21 * 15 cm
Waterproof : Can be taken to the beach or under the shower
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