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This Yin Yang Dream Catcher Tattoo, sold in a set of 3 pieces, can be worn on any part of the body, measuring 10.5 cm long and 6 cm wide. Beyond its fairy aspect which captivates the eye, each part of the dream catcher which composes this tattoo has a part of symbolism. It is thus quite similar to the Dream Catcher Tattoo Coloured Feathers.


Yin and Yang: The symbol of Yin and Yang is found in the centre of the hoop, representing the endless circle of life in ancient Native American dreamcatchers.

Yin and Yang embody the complementary nature of all things in the universe. Yin is for example associated with white, day, sun and femininity while Yang is associated with black, night, moon and masculinity.

One cannot exist without the other, as this would imply an imbalance between everything from the earthly realm to the entire cosmos.

The Stars and the Moon, refer to the realm of dreams, a realm strongly linked to the Indian dream catcher, which was made to control dreams intruding on the sleeper.

Fatma's hand represents a magical pre-Islamic amulet used to ward off the evil eye. According to legend, it protects its wearer from curses.

The "peace and love" sign refers to the harmony and gentleness symbolised by the dream catchers.

The pearls represent good dreams, sliding down the feathers to reach the sleeper's mind.

Finally, the colours pink and blue, constituting the background of the dream catcher are soothing colours, pink being linked to love and blue to tenderness and serenity.


Size: 10.5 * 6 cm
Type: Ephemeral tattoo
Motive: Dream catcher
Sold as a set of 3 pieces
The delivery is offered